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We take pride in generating the highest quality research material for anything that is technology/biotech related. In addition to the excellent research that we perform, we generate a one page executive summary.

Our specialties include:

1. Value added research for equity research departments of B/D’s and Hedge Funds. Talk to us in order to glean information not filed in 10Q’s, 10K’s, 20F’s, 8K’s etc.

2. Market/product-specific research Рfocussed on sector(s), segments, product families or even a specific product.  We can show you a new way of thinking about new product offerings and enhancements to existing products.

3. Evaluation of market size [TAM, SAM] for technology products.

4. We are very well connected in the silicon valley, and we keep every client, every interaction ultra-confidential.

5. Product/Project definition. We take pride in our ability to define products that will get to market a year or more from today, and yet, be relevant and successful on launch.

You may contact us by e-mailing or by calling 408-417-0324.

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