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Semiconductor stocks worth buying.

Q: When is it the correct time to buy into a cyclical stock/company/industry ? A: The correct time to nibble is when the leading company is losing money – while the second and third tier companies have NO pricing power.  The clear time to buy more is when pricing power returns to the industry – ...

nVidia revisited.

09.15.2008 · Posted in AMD, ATI, GPU, INTC, Intel, NVDA, nVidia, Stream Computing, Uncategorized

A little over a month ago, I wrote that the worst was not yet behind nVidia. UBS was second in line, and they based their decision on competition and growth worries. My basis for the need to hold-off on NVDA’s stock was based on both research and intuition. For starters, they had a manufacturing issue that cost ...

Altera vs. Xilinx. Who is better ?

08.10.2008 · Posted in ACTL., Altera, ALTR, AMD, CY, INTC, LSCC, MOT, QUIK, T, Xilinx, XLNX

In the semiconductor business, there are two niches that have had gross margins in excess of 60%. One of them is programmable logic. I worked for ten years in companies that wanted to emulate the success of Xilinx and Altera. It took me ten years [and a $35 million dollar judgement against my last Programmable ...