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Apple/WalMart deal – aimed at the G1-Phone/Android!

Recently, Apple did not announce that they would be selling their iPhone at WalMart. In fact, the San Jose Mercury news said that a $99 4-GB version would be sold at the #1 retailer – before Christmas; and the leading rumor site for all things Apple countered with “only the $198 8-GB version will be available at ...

Why a hostile takeover of SanDisk is impossible.

09.16.2008 · Posted in Eli Harari, iPod, Microsoft, MSFT, Samsung, SanDisk, Sansa, SNDK

I was talking to a couple of people I know, and e-mailing a few more regarding Samsung’s $26/share offer for SanDisk – and SNDK’s prompt rejection of the [as it is now] – friendly overture from Samsung. So, the question was – is a hostile takeover is SNDK possible at all? For starters, Eli Harari ...

Is Apple losing its mojo?

09.11.2008 · Posted in AAPL, Apple, INTC, Intel, iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, Mac, Macintosh, Microsoft, MOT, MSFT

Back in October of 2001, Apple introduced the first iPod.   Apple’s press release read – an “Ultra-Portable MP3 Music Player Puts 1,000 Songs in Your Pocket”. Priced at $399 a pop and aided by really slick advertising, it was an instant hit – that put Apple on the fast track – from a company ...